Hangzhou Savgood Technology Co., Ltd.
Savgood Technology - Zoom Camera Modules manufacturer.

Most of Long Range Zoom solutions are using Normal box camera and Motorized Lens. Which is very Expensive, Not Stable and Low Efficiency Auto Focus.

To solve the current issues of Long Range Zoom cameras solution, based on SONY's popular, high image quality and ultra starlight Exmor/Exmor R CMOS Sensor, we are focus on Ultra LONG RANGE ZOOM camera modules, and have successfully designed & developed many kinds of Zoom Camera Modules, for example, 2Mp 86x Zoom (10~860mm), 2Mp 90x Zoom (6~540mm), 2Mp/4K/8Mp 50x Zoom (6~300mm).

They can support our own fast & accurate excellent Auto Focus algorithm, Defog and IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) functions.

We also have special Zoom Cameras: 3Mp Global Shutter, 2Mp Dual Output and Thermal+Visible Bi-spectrum Hybrid Zoom Camera.

They have been used in various areas products, PTZ Dome, Tribrid PTZ Camera, Drone Payloads, Video Conference Cameras and so on.